Up Your Game

Bleacher Report has launched a new “Up Your Game” brand campaign shining a light on the intersection of sports and culture. The campaign is a direct challenge to one-dimensional fandom, aligning with B/R’s mission to ignite the power of sports culture to make moments that matter. The marketing campaign will be featured across television, digital and social platforms and is a reflection of the brand’s vision as it strives to develop an unrivaled experience and deeper connection with sports fans.

Today, it's not only about highlights and box scores; it's about the world around it. At every turn, it’s the culture that feeds our fandom — be it through music, drama, style, controversy, rumors and so much more.

It's the culture that draws us in, connecting us to what happens on the field in a deeper, more intimate way. The culture is the soul of every play, every highlight, every game. And that is why you have to get sports culture to get sports.

The Style

You have to get the style to get the game.

When you’re in the spotlight, you have to look good. From signature hairstyles to flashy jewelry, the players who aren’t afraid to express themselves are the ones who change the game.

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report

The Game

You have to get the headline to get the game.

The game has changed and the old way of sports coverage is going up in flames. Players make headlines just as much for what they do on the court, as off it. From thinking the earth is flat to beefing with the old guard, there’s plenty to be said and plenty of quotes to go around. But always pay close attention. Otherwise, you’ll miss it.

The Flash

You have to get the flash to get the game.

Individuality comes in all hair shapes and sizes. Being different doesn’t just apply to your skills, but also how you look. Most of the time, it’s all fun and games (like Antonio Brown’s Lego cut). But sometimes, for people like Jaylon Sewell, emulating your favorite player’s look (OBJ) can result in controversy and suspension - offering a sharp look into race issues and generational gaps.

The Kicks (feat. Benjamin Kickz)

You have to get the kicks to get the game.

Kicks are a business, an obsession, a religion. On the field or off it, the stakes are high in the sneaker game and fans aren’t afraid to hand out L's. That’s why it’s a $350 billion industry—and growing. All from a single piece of sports equipment.  

The Flip

You have to get the flip to get the game.

A simple flick of the wrist: disrespectful distraction or spontaneous celebration? From Yasiel Puig to Jose Bautista, major leaguers are flinging their bats after homers and flipping off a century of conservative baseball tradition.

The Tribute

You have to get the tribute to get the game.

Not all sports icons have to be athletes. As colorful as they come, Craig Sager’s joy, style and grace made a lasting impact on sports culture. His battle with cancer and passing reminded everyone that it’s more than a game, and that he will be missed from sidelines forever.

The Cupcake

You have to get the cupcake to get the game.

A sweet treat symbolizes a bitter rivalry. “Cupcake” was a term for motivating teammates at Thunder practices. When Kevin Durant left, Russell Westbrook posted one on social media as a slight. From there, it took on a life of its own, inspiring memes, chants and T-shirts. And it helped us understand team dynamics a little better.

The Real Answer (feat. Allen Iverson)

You have to get the real answer to get the game.

May 7, 2002. Allen Iverson battled injuries all season, lost his best friend and bowed out of the playoffs early. Then a reporter asked the beloved All-Star, former MVP and cultural maverick the least interesting question in the history of press conferences. The answer? Unapologetically iconic and forever misunderstood, like The Answer himself.  

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report

The No Fun (feat. Marquette King)

You have to get the fun to get the game.

The “No Fun League” has a problem. The spotlight is on the things we tend to love: the celebrations, the swag, the juice. But in the face of this complicated moment, the players are getting creative and bringing fun back to the game.

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report

The Controversy

You have to get the controversy to get the game.

The cultural climate around the game will always inspire statements in it. From taking a knee during the national anthem to standing up against coded words like “posse,” the biggest stages are no place to keep quiet. 

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report

The #16

You have to get the #16 to get the game.

A number is more than a jersey, it’s an emotion. A number is as synonymous as a player’s name. It not only represents who you are, but the legacy you’ve created. In the case of recently passed Marlins pitcher, José Fernández, a number became family. And with one swing from Dee Gordon’s bat, a one-run homer counted for 16.